Firstly, thanks for visiting the site. I hope you find some inspiration in our adventures.

When I first began adventuring, I traveled to places but never had the inclination to capture the highlights. I would live in the moment, and when it ended, I'd move on to the next one. But then something changed. Actually, everything changed... I got my first camera.

In retrospect, I wish I had picked up a camera sooner. I can revisit those early moments in my mind, but over time, I will probably lose some detail. Photos empower me to discover what is lost. To remember what is forgotten. 

A picture can be so real. Not long ago, Steph and I were exploring Highway 1 and stopped at Wilder Ranch State Park. We grabbed a camera and began walking the trails. At this point, we could not see the ocean, but we knew we were close. As we continued on, the trail snaked around a bend and lead into a clearing... and there it was.


I remember standing on this cliff and feeling like I reached the edge of the world. Maybe this was how early explorers concluded the earth was flat. Staring off into the Pacific, I could feel a sense of calmness. Photography gave me the ability to relive that moment at Wilder Ranch.

Our cameras have been some of our most valuable items. Not because of the price tag, but because of the vivid memories they can produce. Each picture highlights a moment and keeps the adventure alive.

Again, thanks for visiting. Come back soon.