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david & marie

We absolutely adore Trees & Seas! Shawn and Stephanie went above and beyond in making sure our day was perfect. They were super attentive the day of, and made us feel so comfortable (my husband and I were a bit camera shy). They did more than take beautiful pictures -- they created a space for us to feel confident and so so happy. We felt so at home working with them. These two are excellent in their craft and very professional. The process leading up to the day of and even afterwards was incredibly easy. Shawn and Stephanie communicated well and never once did we worry about them. They captured every detail of our day, and you can see that in our photos.

*Side note -- Stephanie is a boss and will make sure stuff gets done and that the bride is happy. There was a slight miscommunication with decoration, and she handled it, straight up.* Words cannot express the gratitude we have towards Trees & Seas (Shawn & Stephanie). Thank you both so very much!

matt & liberty

I don't even know where to begin with Shawn & Steph. From the moment I first contacted them they were so extremely responsive and helpful, even for things that were beyond their responsibilities as photographers. My husband and I eloped, and photos were our #1 priority so we could share them with family & friends. Shawn & Steph completely exceeded our expectations. They made the most of the time we had and had the best location suggestions for photos in Sequoia. Like most couples we had no idea what to do, but within the first few minutes of meeting them they felt like friends and perfectly directed us. I am so glad we chose Trees & Seas, they captured our little wedding in a big way.


Shawn and Steph shot our engagement photos and our wedding. I absolutely could not be happier with them! While we are normally awkward in front of the camera, they managed to make us feel comfortable and took some amazing photos of us. On our wedding day besides running around like camera ninjas and getting tons of shots, they went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we need. From snacks to helping the guys fold pocket squares, they were just so kind and helpful. I would highly recommend this team!

Ryan & Bryanna

I contacted Trees & Seas to photograph a secret proposal to my girlfriend in Yosemite Valley three weeks ago. I couldn't be happier with the overall experience, not to mention the beautiful pictures! Shawn was awesome in helping me prepare the shoot so everything went smoothly. We had a plan A, B, and C in place but fortunately for us, everything went according to plan. The part that really stood out to me was their willingness to listen to my input for shot ideas, poses, etc. I know this might be annoying to other photographers but they were super understanding, relaxed and down to earth. Shawn and Steph also shot in multiple locations that I didn't expect them to, they just got in the zone and kept going! I was really really really happy with their level of service and how easy they were to work with! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for awesome photography with a unique and classic style.

taylor & alexa

Trees & Seas had me in tears. I can’t believe the beauty and the joy and love they captured in these stunning photographs. I even got the chills looking at them. I’m beyond thankful for their genuine way of making us feel at ease throughout the whole process too. I remember at one point feeling really self-conscious but then Steph gave me a simple heartfelt compliment and it made all the difference to help me feel confident. I would recommend this dynamic duo from the highest mountains. No lie. This journey has been so much sweeter because of them and their amazing talent.

adrian & jessica

I cannot say enough about how amazing Stephanie and Shawn were, not only on my wedding day but throughout the whole wedding process. They displayed extreme professionalism from beginning to end. My pictures were amazing and the both of them went above and beyond on my wedding day. From Stephanie to running around trying to find my garter and bouquet to the both of them making sure different vendors like my cinematographer and dj got a plate of food-Again, ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! I am forever grateful to the both of them! I highly recommend Trees and Seas for ANY event!!

seth & jess

We've hired Shawn + Steph for our wedding next year, but after our engagement photos came back, I couldn't wait--I had to write a review now! These guys are the total package. Friendly, cool, adorable, interesting people who happen to be PHENOMENAL photographers. We felt so at ease getting our photos taken. They listened to our ideas (even the ones I realize now were Pinterest-driven fever dreams) and gave great tips for we, the non-photogenic subjects. Every single photo they took is a work of art. I love that they have a romantic, moody, natural quality; not white-washed, overly bright and posed like you see in so many photos. They also incorporated the beautiful nature around us in Yosemite, with balance so we weren't totally overpowered. May I say, look no further for a photographer, my friends. Do it. Do it now.

kris & rachel

Shawn and Stephanie are two of the most talented photographers I've ever known. In my opinion, their skills and compositions are unmatched, especially in the wedding photography market. With each new project they take on, I find myself increasingly envious of their talent, skill, and professionalism. If you knew me, you would know that this is not a compliment I hand out carelessly. This is the only photography team I would ever take the time to review, endorse, suggest, advertise, etc. because the rest are simply not worth it. From my point of view, the only acceptable reason you should not have Trees & Seas photograph your wedding is if they are already booked for your wedding date.

Hector & Christine

Absolute 5 stars all around. Shawn and Stephanie were amazing to work with. Very professional and genuinely nice people. They were very flexible with everything and made it fun to take our pictures. And most importantly, our pictures turned out better than I could've ever imagined! Very affordable. Highly recommended.

Sam & Hanna

My husband and I used Trees & Seas for our engagement photos as well as our wedding photos. I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing these two are! Not only do they take and produce the most beautiful photos but as individuals they are a pleasure to work with. I don't like having my photo taken, but they made me feel comfortable and at ease. They don't make you feel rushed, they are organized and professional. I would highly recommend Trees & Seas Photography. You will be so happy with the results!

Chris & Gina

My husband and I used Trees and Seas for our first anniversary shoot and I would recommend them to any and everyone! They are so nice, professional but totally relaxed and we felt so comfortable with them.... The prices I thought were great, especially their travel fee (our location was an hour and a half away). The pictures are AMAZING!! We don't look posed at all. We seriously look so natural, like we are always put together walking through the woods in our dress clothes.

Ethan & Suzanne

Shawn and Steph are amazing! I'm so glad we got to work with them on our special day. They outdid themselves!


I cannot speak highly enough about Trees & Seas. They were so fun to work with, but still provided enough structure that our photos turned out GREAT. We had no idea what we were doing, but they totally did! Our wedding photos turned out so gorgeous (and our friends are so jealous!), we really could not have been happier with them. Thanks, guys!


Shawn and Stephanie did a wonderful job photographing one of the most important days of my life. I look back on those pictures and they are forever a beautiful memory. They are both very professional and friendly. With my big day being so stressful I had no ideas what kind ofposes to do and they both took charge and took beautiful pictures of my big day. I would definitely recommend them to any bride and groom to capture their wonderful day.

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