Koji & Ikuko // Yosemite Elopement


These two discovered us on Instagram and reached out, describing their desire to be married in Yosemite National Park.  After exchanging a few emails, we had our plan.  They flew from Tokyo to San Francisco, rented an RV, and met us at the little chapel in the valley. It was their first visit to Yosemite, and their reactions to seeing the iconic views in the park were priceless!

It was an honor to photograph their day and witness their love. Congratulations, Koji & Ikuko! We can't wait to visit both of you in Japan!

His suit: Ralph Lauren // Her dress: BHLDN // Her flowers: Le Bouquet // His shoes: UNIONMADE

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Ringing the Yosemite Wedding Bell!

Ringing the Yosemite Wedding Bell!

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